5L tin of Soudal 140 LQ Contact Adhesive
Soudal 140 LQ Contact Adhesive - 5L

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LIQUID solvent based neoprene contact adhesive. Ready to use. Fast drying. High adhesive strength. Damp resistant. Easy to apply.

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Product Description

140LQ is a universal, toluene free, solvented ready to use contact adhesive based upon rubber and synthetic resins.

Featured properties

  • Liquid neoprene adhesive
  • Solvent based
  • Fast drying
  • Rapid strength build up
  • Damp resistant



Bonding of most common materials such as rubber, leather, artificial leather, cork and plastics to several substrates or to themselves. Bonding of synthetic panels and worktops to wood, metal, board etc.


Apply the adhesive uniformly with a notched trowel or a brush on both sides of the surfaces that need to be glued. Wait ca. 10 minutes and join both parts together. Afterwards push firmly.