25L container of Super Seal Water Repellent
Super Seal Water Repellent - 25L

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Construction Chemicals Super Seal Water Repellent is a double strength treatment giving extra protection in exposed areas.

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Super Seal Water Repellent - 25 Litres

Super Seal Water Repellent is a double strength, solvent based water repellent designed for use in the most exposed areas. It is based on polyoxoaluminium stearate in a solvent solution and is used for protecting brick, stone, concrete and other masonry against penetration of rainwater and lateral dampness. Double strength water repellent means that only one coat need by applied. This saves time and money where scaffolding or difficult access is a factor. Super Seal Water Repellent will not form a vapour barrier therefore allowing the substrate to breathe and any trapped moisture in the substrate will dry out naturally.


  • Only one coat required for maximum water repellence
  • Totally clear when solvent has evaporated
  • Ideal for all stone, concrete and masonry substrates
  • Coverage is 2 to 5 square meters depending on porosity
  • Can be sprayed