SBR Bonding Agent
SBR Bonding Agent - 5L

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A high solids content polymer for use in conjunction with tanking or for modifying and waterproofing cement.

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SBR Bonding Agent

Construction Chemicals SBR is a white styrene butadiene co-polymer used to improve the properties of cement renders, screeds and mortars. It is also used in conjunction with Construction Chemicals Tanking Slurry as a priming coat or tight render basecoat. Used with sulphate-resistant cement it will resist the movement of salts with in wall. SBR Bonding Agent will increase water and abrasion resistance. It also improves the durability of cement renders and has many other uses.


  • Ideal for screeds where under-floor heating has been installed
  • Makes renders waterproof and gives flexibility
  • Can be used as a primer
  • Can be used for stone and concrete repairs