1L container of Lignum Pro M50 Masonry Biocide
Lignum Pro M50 Masonry Biocide - 1L

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Lignum Pro M50 is a microemulsion concentrated surface biocide containing a fungicide, designed to prevent masonry fungi (dry rot) infecting timbers which are in contact with masonry surfaces.



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Lignum PRO M50 Masonry Biocide

Lignum Pro MB is a biocide treatment based on microemulsion technology which produces a formulation with a particle size in the nanometre range. This tiny particle size allows the formulation to penetrate deep into the masonry/brickwork to deliver the active ingredient (biocide). The formulation provides high active loading, rapid rates of absorption combined with excellent penetration making it ideal for use in the eradication of dry rot (Serpula Lacrymans) in all type of masonry and brickwork.



  • Specially formulated for the eradication of dry rot in masonry & brickwork
  • Provides deep and even penetration ensuring long term protection
  • Microemulsion water based formuation
  • Zero OVC's
  • Quick drying
  • BS EN Certification